Monday, July 2, 2012

Some kind of fairy tale

Tonight I HAD to finish the book I began last night. I came across a reference to 'Some kind of fairy tale' by Graham Joyce via one of the fairy tale blogs that I read daily. My interest was piqued after reading his article in the guardian on his top 10 fairy fictions with a link to his own book (which he didn't include in the 10 & who else remembers the owl service?).
The premise revolves around Tara who turns up on her parents doorstep 20 years after she disappeared a t the age of 16 with no trace. Tara thinks that she has only been gone for 6 months after going off with a handsome stranger on a white horse in the bluebell woods, needless to say her family don't buy it, especially her brother Peter, who is now married with a tribe of kids. The story is told from different view points: Tara, Peter, Richie (Tara's old boyfriend), Vivian (her cigar smoking psychiatrist who reminded me of Bettleheim's writing) and Peter's son Jack. I found the tale captivating and intriguing, I really wanted to know how it all worked out.

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