Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Domestic things: Summer robe

Another thing on my list to sew myself  this year is a light robe / dressing gown type thing. I still have a cosy winter one my mum made me years and years ago but it's terribly hot for summer.

Based on a kimono wrap style robe I winged my way through not using a pattern (just a few measurements and cutting), though my process could have done with a little working out before I threw the fabric headlong through the sewing machine. The fabric is a lovely soft floral Japanese cotton that I bought in Singapore a few years ago. Finally I decided that I wouldn't make a dress out of the fabric, not really a great choice for my colouring, but fine for a summer dressing gown.

If I made another... I would make it wider and longer, add inseam pockets and try a different sleeve.

Kimono style summer robe

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