Saturday, January 4, 2014

Domestic things: Peg bag

I have been meaning to make a peg bag since we moved into this house, the garden does, after all have a hills hoist. Ridiculously without a peg bag, said pegs end up all over the place and I find my self stuffing them in my pockets, maybe a peg pocket?

On boxing day I made a list of domestic type things I wanted to sew and here is the first.

peg bag
I had a quick look on pinterest and the 'net and decided that the hanger type ones wouldn't do. The Hills hoist can, on a windy day get a bit windmill like and hangers do not survive. Made from bits of himself's old shirt and trousers, ribbon from a present (thank you NGA) and a clip from a former bag, this pegbag is functional if not as pretty as some. Thank you to Nicola Foreman and her posts on swedish pegbags for inspiration.

I made the pattern by scrolling some paper into a cone, trimming, drawing an opening and measuring the resulting circle. Amazingly a maths equation solved the size of the base.

Will post a picture of the bag on the daylight. 

If I make another, I would extend the base for more peg room and maybe stiffen the base as well or add two seam lines and add that pleat at the bottom that many bags have....

pegbag in use and rather bleached out by the bright light

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