Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old dressing table redo

Over the last few weeks, here and there I have been 'doing up' a grotty old dressing table that I bought for $20- at the Green Shed at Mugga Lane. Missing it's mirror, one foot and metal? handles (which seemed to have been angle grinded off) with a stained and scuffed dark veneer, it wasn't looking good. However all the drawers and workmanship is sound

Our bathroom /ensuite is quite minimal in design and storage, and with our bedroom having a decent amount of space at the end of the bed, I thought I would, for once in my life have a dressing table. I can stash away quite a lot of bits and pieces in those huge drawers and once the bedroom walls are painted white/cream I think it will look bright and fresh.

I'm planning on casting my own glass drawer pulls, though I am having trouble deciding on a theme. The other part I am having trouble with is deciding a shape for the mirror. hmmmmm.
sanded up to 320 and waxed.
ebay vanity set, brush and comb turned out to be practical!

wiped and vacuumed

Cleaned with sugar soap

a quick sand for 'tooth'

1 coat of white paint
1 coat  of  Dulux's colour 'Magnetic magic' which I mixed with a bit more white

distressing finish half done


  1. wwooow i love the look of this table! It's fabulous.Bedroom Furniture Online

  2. Thanks. I'm still stuck on the mirror shape and handles though