Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heather stellar beret

Despite my sewlution, the Calendula Audrey in Unst (CAIU)I find myself starting a new crochet project. I bought some yarn at Stitch n Time in Phillip ( oh wondrous Suburb) because I have identified a gap in my wooly wardrobe, well it has only just appeared as a friend from Sydney who needed to borrow a warm beanie when visiting last weekend took it back with while the weather is chilly (-6) the other night I need something other than my Selkie beanie which is rawther too lacy to keep my noggin warm.

After flicking through Ravelry I came across the Stellar beret...which it seems is going to be as much as a challenge in crochet as the CAIU is in knitting. Yikes, crochet patterns are full of more jumbo jumbo than knitting ones.

Stellar beret by Linda Permann
Learning how to do a magic circle

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