Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buttons, thrifted.

Don't you love it when you buy something for the stash, just because...and very shortly you find yourself actually using it...vindication!

A few weeks ago I checked out one of the larger 'vinnies' (short for St Vincent's op shop) in south Canberra. I left with a pretty good haul, all the items fitted and were in good nick, only the skirts got chopped a foot. The haberdashery section was quite small but there were quite a lot of buttons. I bought a few packets at 50cents and a dollar I grabbed anything that even vaguely appealed to me as buttons are usually expensive.

I found some real mother of pearl shirt buttons (I call them that because they are small), all the rest are plastic apart from a set that may be some sort of woody stuff.
My mum used to work in the rag trade and I remember thinking that mother of pearl was kind of boring but now I rarely see them on RTW clothing, plastic being the norm.

This morning I discovered that one of the buttons on my thrifted orange cord skirt was missing and the gap was filled marvelously with one of the larger tortoiseshelly vinnies buttons that may I say is a better match than the original. I also may have found buttons for my Calendula Audrey in Unst. The small square purpley ones
selection of button from Vinnies
small textured purpley ones that I might use for my Audrey In Unst
I liked the replacement button so much I have now matched them

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