Friday, August 5, 2011

Understanding professional practice with Karin: 2

I missed last weeks class because of Seesaw and I was a little late to this one thanks to a an overdue 445 so I walked into what seemed like the tale of Karin's life, which I thoroughly enjoyed. To begin with I was a bit stumped as to the relevance, though soon enough a thread started to appear as to how the course and her story were related. Karin's story was one path of becoming a professional maker. At the end of hers we left the class room to head up to "Paper plane" an ARI up the road. the current exhibition was a Japanese/Australian mix of jewelery work. Some really beautiful pieces. A student of Karin's told a very different story of how her professional practice came into being.
Rui's work (pictured below)is made of manipulated and dyed PET bottles.

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