Monday, August 1, 2011

Glass elective with Susie Peck: 2

Last week, Susie had just that morning landed in the country, so we forgive her for resting up the jet lag rather than having a full on day of blowing classes. This is a class that we share with the second years, and today it started with a round table discussion of techniques we would like to see and some glassy words.

Techniques List (so far):
Enameling / raysist
switching axis
colour cups (bungers)
Hot sculpting ? solid / powder / bits
punty practice
one gather tumblers
thinner glass (venetian)

Group Glassy words:
temperamental, transformational, optical, shiny, mercurial, transparent, opaque, brittle, man-made, magical, malleable, magnifying, translucent, reflective, hot, strong, hard, sleek, fragile, illusionist, liar, storyteller, viscous, decorative, redundant, functional, refrective, alluring, amazing, tactile, deceptive, tool, liquid, solid cold.

We went on into the hot shop where Susie demoed a bicarb soda, incalmo donut (and 3 pronged punty)  and then when the colour-box heated up the next demo was making colour cups and putting them away and then using one of them for an incalmo bowl.

Makers who 'sculpt' hot glass:  Seems to happen a lot at Tyler School of art..

Martin Janecky
Billy Morris
karen Willenbrink
Randy Walker
Ross Richmond
Eoin Breadon (in the You Tube clip)

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