Monday, August 15, 2011

Glass elective with Susie Peck: 4

Proposals were handed in just in time (that's considered efficient in manufacturing circles you know) and we pow wowed the 2nd years projects. the group did a quick appraisal of each idea in a practical technique sense. Megan = Brandy balloons with a solid base and lip wrap, Ash = A wide , flattened tight lipped object that has to be seen not described, Erica = cloud shapes and Karen = perfume bottle with a slight hourglass and wavy tendrils from the bottom.

Susie trialled each shape, some techniques worked better than others but I think it gave us a better sense of looking at whats working rather than just waiting for the perfect out come. Then we split into groups, 2 third years helping each second year..with the idea that between us we would remember Susie's demo and concentrate on their forms.

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