Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Janice Vitkovsky: Artist of the Day

 The more I look at her works the more I love them. Gorgeous on pure visuals but the concept works for me too.
I can just imagine our thoughts and perceptions being materialised and captured like this. The sense of movement from line and depth convey the feeling that our ideas move and shift slightly (or radically) once they are formed. See more of her work at 'Sabbia Gallery', Bullseye Gallery and Jane Sauer Gallery.
'Becloud III'


'Moment when whole'
Detail of 'Moment when whole'

Particles of vivid colour ripple explode and shift, suspended for a moment in clear minimalist slabs of glass. Viewing Vitkovsky’s works from many angles gains the viewer a shifting, mutable perspective. The perception of light and shadow between the clear and coloured elements create depth and cast illusions; a backlit dust storm gathering momentum, the quicksilver sinuous dance of a shoal of Mackeral, the undulating scales of a serpent or the crashing spume of the sea. The evocative imagery that Vitkovsky’s works conjures up, are about the sensations of the ephemeral, from one fixed moment in time to the next. After flying and falling through her work the artist’s term ‘immersive’ is apt. Her work matches her ideas on how emotions and thoughts affect perceptionby the non representational forms.

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