Friday, June 4, 2010

Did I mention rain?

Dougie drove me to Botany and back to pick up the strip magnet. Lucky for me, for other wise I would have been very wet. 
This is the view from the cold working room, the down pipe on the left was jetting water about a foot up..though by the time I found my camera the rain had lessened some.
What a way to spend a wet day! In the cold working room..using machinery that needs water, though one does feel prepared in gumboots, waterproof apron, earmuffs, face mask and goggles.

My Kiln with the honeycomb face cooled down this afternoon..a bit of a disappointment that the face has no nose. After some kiln schedule swapping I managed to get the same kiln for another few days (higher and longer temp)...though it has put my schedule out of will be tight!

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