Thursday, June 3, 2010

The day I did something stupid

...and scalded my chin, so after I had stuck it under water for a good while and had a rant about how I didn't have time for this kind of thing, cursing my stupidity etc etc I phoned Deb with ice bag clamped to my chin (somewhat muffling my words) and asked her to check on my kiln that was coming to top temp. Luckily for me Kirstie and Deb watched the progress and lengthened and upped the soaking time. Meanwhile I realised that the burn was worse than I thought and realised I would ALSO have to miss a class and some polishing time. GRRRR!

Anyhow I went to uni after the pain subsided to do more engraving and polishing until 8.30.

Thank you Deb and Kirstie for stepping in.

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