Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The need for 'thinking time'

Our classes with Kirstie Rea in Kilnformed (not warm but hot) glass started  here with this
picture of young wasps emerging from a cocoon. I have found it difficult to work with this image, the reasons being partly the detail and trying to find a way to express what actually I find fascinating about it..which is not evident in the picture..but in the description of the photo. (it is not thier coccoon but another creatures that they have devoured)

So our assessment task is a work that is an accumulation of ideas and technique..I have been working on some ideas..that were all right..that kind of fitted the bill but felt a bit forced. However on Mothers Day I had at least 4 hours of public transport and 'mulling time' and something popped in my head on the newcastle train..yay!

I know it's the right thing so when Deb suggested a trip to Finns, I went along and bought my glass (Bullseye medium Amber transparent B1137), running pliers and I have ordered the Bees wax honeycomb sheets to make the mould out of.

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