Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiln formed glass with Kirstie Rea - 10

Slumping (sagging, bending) and block stack. for Bullseye/Spectrum glass.

The golden rule in slumping is "stay lower longer". Slumping takes place at a lower temperature than a full fuse, though higher temperatures will pick up more mould detail.

The thicker the glass the lower the temperature (weight does it for you) Temp range 590-670C.
Hold range 10-20 minutes..if it's not working..hold temp for longer before going up.
annealing schedule is the same as fusing and remember all kilns are different.

 Primer / release / batwash
50% Kaolin 50%  alumina hydrate

Whiting is Calcium carbonate.
Product ex.
Release / primer
Stainless steel
Woks, sheet metal, found objects, corrugated sheets
Lasts for a long time

Warm metal in sun, thin mix with metho. Liquid dries on application.
mild steel
Found objects

Flakes disintergrates over time and corrodes
“” as above

Melts at a low temp – do not use

Galvanized metal

Gal finish is toxic – do not use

Cast iron

Probable thermal shock use with caution

plaster / silica
Hand made moulds 1:1:1
Comes in any shape you make
No primer needed
Use over and over
Must pre fire

Bisque fired (1000deg) objects or moulds, clay pipes. Glazed homewares (sandblast off glaze then prime)
Pre made moulds very available
Specifically for glass and as production items.


Ceramic Fibre products

(fibre board blanket, paper)

to prolong the life of add rigidity to product
Fire bricks
Insulation bricks
Carvable (hacksaw etc)



Due to air inside would probably explode

Today's prac was a block stack (not a technical term I assure you)....these are the stages of layers, have to wait till monday before I can see the result.

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