Sunday, May 16, 2010

kiln formed glass proposal - continued

In our Kiln forming lesson, we had one on one time to explain our concept for our assessible project to Kirstie which for the time being I will call Parasitoid (yes I know, really rolls off the tongue)

These are some things to think about:

Where does the honey comb texture end and start?
Well I had imagined the texture on the face and border, just the face and it starts to get a bit "spiderman". I prefer ALL honeycomb as the piece feels like a whole rather than divided.

Are the edges of the work straight cut or curvy? 
The main reason i'll stay away from a curvey edge is that with the amber coloured glass, it will look like a pool of honey..whilst I want the insect allusion, I don't want to specify bees. The rectangle puts us in mind of portraiture..and Dougie says the tombstone. (part of the story here is death so that's quite apt too)
Engraving on the inside?
may be..i really like the idea but need to do some tests on how it would look coming through the texture on the top..and think about option is detailed wasps or text or..
If i engrave on the inside it has to add rather than confuse.
Kirstie suggested that I fuse 3 layers of glass. One amber and 2 clear. I have put some tests in on wednesday. 
Gaps at eyes and mouth
To create the 'holes' at eyes and mouth she suggested I sandblast them before I slump into the mould. My only concern with this is that I will have to get the placement exact..not sure I trust me or the glass enough to go where i want it to...maybe sand blast it after the slump.

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