Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kiln glass with Kirstie Rea - 8

More texture and depth

This mornings class started off by making some slab moulds for carving into. We made two so we could try out the difference between 'wet' and 'dry' plaster.

I have to wait till tuesday to see the results.

We also had a look at 2 glass artists who predominantly use kiln formed glass.
Lisa Cahill ( Who Deb was using in our presentation the next day) and

Jessica Loughlin at Bullseye (who's work I wrote an essay about last year)

Also Kirstie is keen for us to be able to go to the 3 openings in Canberra tomorrow... So I thinkw e may be able to swing changing our class next week..which would be awesome. I've known about Holly;s opening since Feb and before our classes were set..yay!

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