Thursday, April 8, 2010

My inner bird

A glorious day! One of those Autumn days made special because on one hand it feels like summer but on the other the other hand there are clues that it is actually April. A cooler wind buffets your face and makes a further mess out of your hair while pulling the leaves off the trees. The leaves of the Plain are no longer vibrant green but a warm yellow, glinting briefly as the sun prickles through them.

After getting yet more official form filling and signing done I walked over to 'the Commons' a foody place I had heard about from Lee Tran Lam's 'The unbearable lightness of being hungry' blog to check how unaccessible they were. The only entrance is unfortunately comprised of 4 steps, so my significant otter (yes that is a typo but I quite like it) will not be trying the menu. I had a great coffee..the one that reminds you that this IS coffee you are drinking unlike many milky capuccino's and Avocado on toast (with Tabasco). The Avocado was a bit too lemony for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless in the pretty plant filled courtyard.

Back home I am working on sculpting a Raven. As I have been building up the form it has gone from a Budgie to a small Kookaburra, to a nondescript unless I have another look at my photo's it could very well morph into a different species again. When I finish this bird is going to have many 'Inner' selves. I have been asked what I was"um wax?" That could be a hint about dinner.....

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