Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thunder v's Lightening

It was a hot muggy day, not helped at lunch time by listening to a fascinating Artist talk from Kirstie Rae (exhibition currently running at Sabbia)in the hottest, most airless room in the uni then followed by 2 hours in the hot shop.
Don't get me wrong i enjoyed every minute...but once my focus and concentration lapsed a storm of my own was brewing in my head.

Once home I rested my head with a light excluding flannel (special from Woolworths) and only surfaced briefly to see how the Thunder v's Lightening match was going.

Lightening as i have never seen before, massive strikes pouring horizontally across the sky, bolts and explosions leaping from cloud to cloud (the thunder was definitely losing this game)

I then retired to rest my head which seemed to house a mini version of the elemental "whose best" outside.

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