Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Concepts - Materiality and Process Research journal Week two

Q. Research 3 Artists in your studio. (Glass). Try to find artists who use unconventional approaches to their work.

Dale Chihuly
Blown from a height
Chihuly is a maker even though he doesn't so much make, as direct his ideas now. He paints colouful concepts for his team and works with them through the blowing process. He has been accused and criticised of spectacular-ism (not such a bad thing in my book considering where that has pushed glass as an art medium) Such criticism is expressed adroitly in "thinking through craft" (Adamson 2007)

Bio from Dale Chihuly's web site

Tevita Havea
ccas link to Tevita

Jess Loughlin
cast glass. "Glass as canvas"

"I see these forms as freestanding pictures that use light as their
canvas" Jessica Loughlin 2008.

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