Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Concepts - Materiality and process - Week 4

T. As a group pick one object of your three for each student. Come up with a word list that relates to the objects selected. From these words consider / devise a concept, material and approach to make an object that represents those words. Select materials and make object.

Words from our group's four objects:
organic, geometric, movement, direction, deconstruction, cutting, gluing, tearing, dense, delicate, translucent, natural, spirals, layers, textured, versatile, light weight.

Our concept was to start with a geometric form and then scramble organic forms over that. With balsawood, paper, glue, string and ground hebel brick our team of four set to...

The four original 'objects' and their collective 'child'

Vocabulary: Language of Object

Deconstruct, manipulate, code-meaning, text (object/artwork) symbol, design, signify, signifier, signified, appropriate, transform, distortion, transmute, infer, allude, camouflage, senes, sensory, materiality, metonym, rupture, resistance, tactility, mimic, confusion, erode, corrupt, multiplicity, resistance, distortion, metaphor, narrative, encrypted, rhythm, fluidity, surface, conceal, contain opacity, melt, opacity.

Obsession Yayoi as therapy. Object ration and Mental illness.

Aesthetic approach: abstract, literal, figurative, stylised, expressive, metaphoric, pragmatic...

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