Thursday, March 12, 2015

MIT app inventor

So, I have this great idea for an App (KILN SCHEDULE APP) It is very specific and doesn't exist yet. I am slowly working my way through some beginners projects at MIT Appinventor a very cool site where you can learn to make apps. Very simple ones to start with, like the examples below.

You don't have to learn to code (phew) but you do learn to work out how things fit together. Those little blocks I guess have a whole heap of code behind them to enable someone like me to build them together to make things happen.

Now I realise that now there are 'drag and drop' style app builders (like App pie), but the feel too simple for the kind of App I want to build.

I am scheduling in one or two exercises a day from the MIT 'Course in a box' to see if I can build up some new skills!

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