Tuesday, March 3, 2015

GLINT 2015

I received a reply to my GLINT residency proposal. While I crossed my fingers of my left hand and squeezed my eyes shut with hope, I opened the email.

YAY! I got in. So thrilled.

Here is a look at last years GLINT.

10253790_773400476037618_2458324873196204952_nMegalo Print Studio and Canberra Glassworks have partnered to create an exciting residency opportunity appropriately called GLINT, a combination of Glass and Print. 
In 2014 this project offered eight artists a unique opportunity to explore the connections between printmaking and glass practice, working across the facilities of Canberra Glassworks and Megalo.  
The eight artists were selected as a result of an Expression of Interest process include Scott Chaseling, Emilie Patteson, Ben Rak, Annika Romeyn, Dionisia Salas, Mark Thiele, Annie Trevillian, Melinda Willis. 
IMAGE: Emilie Patteson + Annika Romeyn working on a lithographic stone
The artists, made up of 4 glass and 4 print artists, worked in a collaborative manner, sharing skills and forging the links between Glass and Print through a two month residency concluding 30 May 2014 
The work created during the GLINT residency culminated in an exhibition at Canberra Glassworks Gallery from 25 June – 4 August 2014, curated by Alison Alder, former Director of Megalo.  
This was the first collaborative project between Megalo and Canberra Glassworks. Both organisations are excited about the prospect of future collaborations and look forward to working together to establish Kingston Foreshore a visual arts hub for Canberra.

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