Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty or the Everyday?

Essay questions.. I have narrowed it down to
"Art that engages with the everyday often hopes to reveal the unnoticed and the quotidian. It shows the everyday as a shared space of experience that connects viewers through an examination of the familiar and the reality of the mundane."
Drawing on the work of 2 contemporary artists and 2 theorists, expand this analysis with specific reference to the strategies that are used to comment and create work that deals with the everyday and the quotidian

Beauty / Pleasure
"Art is for aesthetics what the birds are for ornithology." (Testadura and Bruce Newman) In Arthur C.Danto's book, The Abuse of beauty he suggests that beauty became viewed as an aesthetic crime committed by artists who pursued that ideal in their art. With reference to Danto and 2 contemporary artists, analyse in critical terms the ways in which beauty is engaged in their work, and the implications - if any- of their pursuit of this topic.

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