Thursday, August 12, 2010

The morning after Ranamok

Four of us had stayed over at Kirstie's  (who made us breakfast - a rare occurrence in my life - thank you!) and before our combined SCA / ANU class we zipped over to Matt and Harry's for a quick visit as Sarah hadn't seen the studio before. The piece that Matt was working on from our last visit was shaping up, Harry had a large installation piece set out on the floor..taking up a fair bit of space...awesome. Apart from the fact that Matt and Harry are such nice, generous people and artists, they have the most gorgeous Cat and Dog..both a brindled caramel and black with the sookiest temperaments..who seem to like each other apart from when in competition for pats from visitors.
Matt Curtis at Axia Modern Art
Photo swiped (yet again) from Glass Central Canberra

Harriet Schwarzrock at Kirra Galleries

I think we all walked away covered in cat and dog hair but we got to the glassworks in time for our combined lesson. Divided into pairs (one sca /one anu student) we were asked to pick one work within a given category and critique it. Back in the class room (the tables in the kiln area) we gave a quick summary and then everyone else chipped in. Having Richard Whiteley and Kirstie Rea as teachers and having their input was really great. At the end of the session we discussed the winning piece "Too much is never enough' a Pate de verre piece Sue Hawker. Image once again from Glass Central Canberra...for some reason I didn't take a pic.

Stand outs for me were Evelyn Dunstan's masks."Transparent Illusions' pretty and delicate...and technically WOW (is that woman crazy?)

Ben and Kathy's Engage and Pause (only engage shown). These really work with your mind as well as appealing to the senses.

Matt Curtis's 'Diatom pair'

Michelle Donde's 'Lovers' seat' which I really would like to have sat in ...but the sign...

Polina Gavria's 'State of mind' ..the left hand wall piece..sorry Poli for the bad pic..detail on the right

Karleena Mitchell's 'Australian Gothic'

Yoowan Yang's 'Miss'

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