Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Glass class - 5 Proposal

What: Sculpture with revolving parts that can be moved by the viewer

How: Open faced casts in furnace or clear crystal. Make maze in clay and cast.
Lazy susan /woodshop technology.

Why: Having free will in our culture is important, the freedom of choice is an idea we assume we have. Chance, social conditioning, nurture, nature and culture all shape and restrict our choices and our free will without most of us really noticing. Philosophers over the centuries claim that our will is not free. The maze represents to me our path of many choices and decisions with their resulting consequences. Cast glass has a misty dream like quality symbolising the conceptual, untouchable realm of thought. The plastic figures in thier vibrant colours

When: Roughly

Free will timeline
Date / week
Week 1 / July 29

Week 2 / August 4

Week 3 / 11 August

Week 4 / 18 August
Present idea to class

Week 5 / 25 August
Written proposal due

Week 6 / Sept 1

Design and draw out maze
Week 7/ 
Talk with Marcus on casting with furnace
Design draw out maze to scale and test mould making process / and glass
Week 8
Assess proposal statement
Build inner circle with clay and make mould
Source lazy Susan’s
Week 9

Build outer circle with clay andmake mould
Source plastic people
Week 10


Week 11 / October 13


Week 12
Artist statement brush up

Week 13

Week 14

Plinth building

Week 15

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