Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fabric shopping

We had a positive if rather late appointment with Dougie's specialist..I was then asked to occupy my self whilst Dougie spoke at an inquiry. I have been getting itchy fingers to sew recently and after all these sewing blogs I have been reading, I feel inspired. This year also is my year of not buying clothes so I hiked myself of to 2 conveniently located shops 'Tessuti' and 'The Fabric Store'. I was hoping to buy a pattern V1174 which I have seen made up by Sewaholic here. The patetrn is not in Australia I may have to be brave and draft the pattern myself.

Both Tessuti and The fabric store are having sales at the moment.
So from the top..
remnant Cotton print from Tessuit
remnant drapey blend print from Tessuti
light Cotton from the Fabric Store
embroidered blend from the fabric store
Viscose /cotton blend from the fabric store..(I bought this ivory to dye for a sculpture project (green) and was impressed with the result so I bought some more to dye..maybe a cherry or indigo for a dress) great fabric to sew with and only $20m less with the 30% sale presently.

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