Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 birds in a pie

Today was the big day, the day my ravens came out of the kiln. Kate and I were also loading the furnace..that's how we got the time at uni. 
Everything was going well..looks as though the glass has done it's thing

Look at those layers!

Until my wooden scalpel went through the plaster where it shouldn't be able to...a a cavity???
So I have ended up with  quite a weird situation

We think (Kate and I) that the top temp heat wasn't held long enough so when it was really hot it trickled down to the bottom of the mould (the head) and then the temperature started to fall  and it thickened up and filled the legs, base and reservoir instead.
So instead of a fun last weekend before going back to college (good bye Neil Gaimen and the Graphic Novel festival) I get to..redo the missing bits in feet (cause they are easier than the head), MADLY make moulds on Monday, melt wax and get them in on mOnday night ( aprocess that took me two days last time)..wait for a week (change the kiln program) and hope that the Exhibition Curator will let me set up a day late (though before the opening)  PHEW!

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