Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A quick trip to the Goldcoast

As usual my short holidays are actually accompanying Dougie on business. He gets to work, I get to relax. The last few days were spent in the Goldcoast which is really lots of sun, beach, nightclubs and shopping. (Not actually any of my favourite things to be honest) However, on the plus side I was able to catch up with a very good friend and see her Honours art work in exhibition. I did visit the beach and found some lovely shells and pumice. I read by the pool. We had breakfast with friends. I went op-shopping (OK there are some types of shopping that I like). I swam and did yoga.

Deb's Honours Art work, taken with Deb and her Mum

A beach

Very good lunch at the Commune cafe

Very good iced coffee

proof that I went on a beach

an idea in the early stages

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