Monday, October 6, 2014

Reading inspirations and spring branches

At the moment I'm re-reading 'Silver Bough' by Lisa Tuttle. I'm fond of the book, I love the premise and many of the elements but some bit feel a little awkward. That said this IS a re-read.

As I was reading last night I had an image in glass pop up in my head... An apple branch covered in blossom with one large apple, carved in bas relief and cast in clear crystal (light falling on clear crystal looks quite silvery) 'Silver bough' weaves in much apple folk lore. One of my favourite motifs is the blossoming and fruiting branch, considered to be quite magical, the blossom signifies the enchanted quality of the fruit. A silver branch with crystal blossom and golden apples is Celtic motif.

Over here in Australia though, blossoms AND fruit on branches occurs quite frequently in home gardens. Our 'seasons' play havoc with the trees.

In Canberra, early Spring is over. All the Snowdrops, Daffodils and Jonquils have gone (perhaps not in floriade). Yesterday the Pinoak in our front garden finally popped some leaves (they were not there the day before).

Before I had this 'Silver bough' vision, I had been thinking of reworking the Maiden, Mother, Crone piece.

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