Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silhouette 24 September - 11 October

The Silhouette exhibition - 24 September - 11 October 2014 - hard copy invitations arrived today... yikes that means install is not far off!

The opening night is Wednesday 24th September from 6pm at Red Gallery, Fitzroy. I'm the only sculpture / glass exhibitor, so I think there are lots of paintings and print work on the walls... means I have the 'floor' all to myself!

For this show based on the silhouette, I wanted to do something different to the woodsy, foresty themes I like to do. I love 'urban fantasy' novels, so I have changed the foresty landscapes to fragments of city and surburban 'scapes' to contrast with  the Mythical beasties that will be silhouetted on the front.

Dougie and I had fun making up titles for the 4 pieces the other day... Griffin Lane, Pegasus Street, Rasselbock Corner and Cockatrice Crescent.

My shortened artist statement for the show:

My work draws on narratives found in folk and fairy tales, focusing on themes of transformation. These pieces are inspired by the fiction subgenre ‘urban-fantasy’; where folk tale creatures dwell in city streets, a glimmer of enchantment enters the everyday. The silhouette, like any good tale fires up the imagination by requiring us to flesh out the detail from our own store of memory and dream.

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