Sunday, June 30, 2013

Audrey in Unst gauge and stitch test.

On the drive to Charlestown for the great opening of Disability Care I knitted up with larger needles the stockinette and Unst Lace stitch. I eventually worked out the lace stitches, a few sudden dives for the iPad were required to check out stitch explanations. All I have to decide is which size needles to use as neither 3.75 or 4 give the swatch the right dimensions.


  1. Ooh - gorgeous colour! Thanks for the tip-off re Stephen's course - I might have to do that, he is such fun!

  2. I was looking for a combination more like those sunny socks you knitted recently, but I was determined to by something at the wool fair so I have more marigold/Calendula and pumpkin tones.