Friday, May 24, 2013

In the kiln

In kiln 18 at the Glassworks

Notes: Think, yes think again about where you put those feeders, make sure the pots can be placed over them and fit together. I did have 4 small pots but it didn't work. I did make it more difficult by having the indent made by the coffee cup.
Glass: Spectrum '96 nuggets 4.5kg

Firing / annealing schedule 
50°c /hr 600°c hold 1 hr
100°c/hr 880°c hold 10 hrs
AFAP 515°c hold 10 hrs
413°c @ 7°c (14 hrs)
316°c @ 4.6°c  (21 hrs)
30°c @ 10°c (28 hrs)

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