Friday, May 11, 2012

The growing bibliography...

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Thanks to reading Virginia A. Walter's paper 'Metaphor and mantra: The function of stories in 'Number of stars'' I have come across Jerome Bruner and Robert Coles. 'Acts of meaning', 'Actual minds, possible worlds' and 'The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination' the titles of their books that I hope when I get to them will shed some light on stories, imagination and cognition.

And more papers from today's research are:

  • Why fairy tales matter: The performative and the transformative / Maria Tatar. Western folklore 69:1 (Winter 2010) 55-64
  • Learning about ourselves through fairy tales: Their psychological value / Meredith B. Mitchell. Psychological perspectives, 53: 264-279, 2010.
  • Declolonizing fairy tales / Donald Hasse 

I read a few more that weren't after all that relevant or informative, and realise that I have got to a point that I have read enough to begin to find where my own opinions stand, I feel another map / diagram coming on!

Through one paper 'The Magic of Fairy Tales: Psychodynamic and Developmental Perspectives' by Martin J. Lubetskyi (which for me was too focused on child psychology to be pertinent) I found a reference to Julius Ernest Heusher (1918-) who wrote 'A psychiatric study of myths and fairy tales; their origin, meaning and usefulness' (1974) and 'Psychology, folklore, creativity and the human dilemma' (2003) I'm hoping they won't be too much like Bruno Bettleheim's 'The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales  (1976). Bettleheim for my literary palate proves everything far too neatly. Every fairy tale gets psychoanalysed for usefulness within an inch of it's life! The enchantment fades as reason and usefulness is hammered into every word, in every story.

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