Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wheels and plastic boxes..oh my!

The crates I made with Jono's help for the exhibition in Wagga were great, however they did take a bit of time. Also material wise I used the remainder of the MDF that I had bought for the 2 plinths. So, now I need a second set for the work being sent to Perth. Something made me remember a conversation with Grace Fine art removals. The topic was more about having to treat wood being used in packaging for sending work overseas and one of the reps remarked that you could just use plastic crating!

So having used up all my left overs, I was thinking why don't I get plastic boxes? Though if you think of the kind of boxes you buy in Kmart or the like...fragile! That type won't manage the distance home let alone to Perth and back. After a lot of internet searching (easy to find plastic crates to hire) I came across REFLEX equip (nothing to do with copy paper). Who stock, among other things security crates. I scheduled a time with Dougie to drive to Wetherill Park and look at the heavenly vision that is Reflex equip!

Example of the packing inside

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