Friday, April 1, 2011

Cold working

Such a busy afternoon, literally if I had to move from one spot to another I ran...
Lene is going to pick up the graal embryo/egg she made the other week, though she needed it engraving. Friday is a quiet day in the studio so I decided to do it..I am after all making graals for my Extension class. Nadine and I tried to remember what colours Lene had with an unknown pinky colour we had dubbed as 'Nipple'...hmmmm. So with limited time, after imagining complex patterns, I told myself to keep it simple.

I made a few cuts on my first bubble overlay..which is a torturous process if there ever was one and of course put the image on upside down, well we live and learn.

I also started roughing out my design for our cameo on the flat skills project....4 layers of bullseye fused.
Off white
Medium blue

At the end of the day, I switched on kiln 6, with the open faced tree cast.

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