Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wide or thin?

After visiting Ranamok and listening (and chatting) to Kathy Elliott talk about her work we headed up to Hobbyco at the QVB to check out the scale model people. I have had issues with figuring out scale so I decided to just go SEE. A very helpful chap explained the differences between Architectural and Railwaymodel scales and found a set of unpainted figures that would hopefully most suit the maze.

So now to my wide and thin question... When I was mocking up the maze..aesthetically the walls and paths looked 'right' at the same measurement...3cm. Dougie of course questioned it so we did a mini mock up with a person..what do you think?
Hedges 3cm high, path 3cm wide

 Hedges 3cm high, path 2cm wide

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