Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tractus making

Once we finally got out of bed we strolled off to the strand cafe in Croydon. Quite a nice walk, the warmth of the sun this winters day had a fair bit of summer in it's rays. The cafe serves breakfast all day (a trend I'm quite fond of) lucky for us! We sat outside in the courtyard and enjoyed our breakfast around a perfectly placed table, sun for Dougie and shade for me.

Not all the curb cuts between Croydon and Ashfield have a smooth surface some being quite deceivingly bumpy. It was over one of these bumpy ones that I managed to 'bump' my love right out of the wheelchair and on to the ground. Yikes! thanks to a passerby Dougie was only floor side for a few minutes. The remainder of the walk was sunnily uneventful.

The rest of the day I have experimented with ripped up paper, blended paper, flour glue, baloons, clingwrap, jugs whilst trying to make my Concepts "Tractus". it's proving harder than I thought to use recycled materials. Wax would be easier..I think. I took a break to use the kitchen and implements for actually making food (victoria sponge cake).

Dougie is writing and listening to BBC 4.

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